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There are developed guidelines that explain in detail how to write a personal essay correctly. Writing is one of the ways to consolidate the material studied and its generalization, contributing to the development of thinking skills and creative abilities. In order to write an essay correctly, it is necessary not only to be well versed in literature, to have knowledge of English spelling, punctuation, and stylistics but also to adhere to specific guidelines when working on a composition.

Composition structure

Any written personal work has its own structure. The writing assumes the presence of:

  • Topics;
  • epigraph (desirable);
  • the introductory part;
  • content;
  • the final part.

If you can choose a theme yourself, then we must give preference to what has already been read. Additionally, you should familiarize yourself with the opinions of critics on the subject under study, and this will help to form your own view on the topic.

The epigraph is not an obligatory component of the essay but is always positively perceived by teachers. The epigraph should be in harmony with the subject of the piece, be its logical continuation, and prepare the reader for the author’s reasoning.

In the introduction, you can give a few lines of biographical data of the author, his manner of writing, and the relevance of the problem works.

The content should highlight and reveal the meaning of the topic. It is important to convey the main idea of ​​the writer, to pay attention to details, to analyze the behavior of the main characters and the description of nature.

The conclusion traditionally contains findings on the topic. It is quite appropriate to acquaint the reader with a personal attitude to the problem and the intended ways of solving it (if the topic implies it). The final, like the introductory part, should not take up much space. Thoughts should be concise and brief.

The epigraph is located after the topic in the upper right corner of the sheet without quotes, under which the name of the author is put.

Quotes in the body of the essay are framed with quotation marks, followed by the author’s last name in brackets. Verse excerpts are located in the middle of the sheet without quotes.