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Any good text should consist of the following blocks:

  • Exposure. It anticipates the action, explains what the further narrative will be about, and outlines the tasks that the author sets himself.
  • Outline. It indicates the basic conflict, the resolution of which will build a plot.
  • The development of action – the conflict deepens, overgrown with details.
  • The climax is the highest point in the development of the plot when the conflict is sharpened to the limit and requires immediate resolution.
  • Decoupling – a logical resolution of the conflict.
  • Conclusion – completes the work, contains findings.

The law of composition is appropriate and must be implemented for any written work. Depending on the goals and objectives set by the author, the compositional blocks will have different actual content. Note that in the sense of composition, a school essay is practically no different from a scientific or critical article. For a school essay, the exposition should be a clarification of the topic, a few words about the work as a whole. The plot is an acquaintance with the topic.

It will be different depending on the type of essay. If the topic is based on the analysis of the text (the whole work or its part), then the plot is likely to be the role of the composition of the work in disclosing its main idea, or the place and significance of the considered part in the general structure of the work. If the theme is based on the image of a single hero, the plot will be a story about him: his social status, life, environment; his portrait, under what circumstances he appears in work. All this is considered from revealing the character of the hero. The same applies to the topic of analysis of social groups. If we are interested in the ideological and artistic content of the work, or the motives of creativity, the story of when and why such ideas or motives appeared in the work of the author.

Adhere to the proposed scheme, and you will be able not only to write a good and well-written essay but also correctly compile any written work.