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In the plan, clearly distinguish three main parts: the introduction, the central part, and the conclusion. After thinking about what you write in each of them, pick up to them the headlines. In the wording of the title of the main part should be expressed the main idea, thesis, expressing your opinion about this book.

Subsequent arguments that you are going to write to confirm your idea, display in subparagraphs of the plan. All your reasoning should lead to the main conclusion, which you indicate in the last part of the plan – the conclusion. Each item should be devoted to the disclosure of the topic.

Think about how best to start. The writing of the reasoning about the book should not yet begin with the expression of the main idea, but the introductory part should help bring to the main idea and statement that you will express in the main part. There are a lot of options, for example:

  • A little about the author (did you get acquainted with his works earlier or is this book the first one; what do you know about the writer; news or facts about this).
  • Briefly about the events described in work, and what you know about them (at what time and where they occurred, whether an important historical event is mentioned).
  • About the personalities standing in the center of the narrative;
  • Why you wanted to tell about this book.

In the main part, give a clear assessment of the read work, expressing your personal opinion. Then start proving it as convincingly as possible. These will help:

  • an indication of the main idea of ​​the work;
  • attitude to the main characters (give a description of not all, but only two or three characters);
  • a story about what actions, exploits, character traits of the described heroes excited you, caused respect or admiration;
  • expression of negative feelings to negative characters (to their cowardice, meanness, deceit, etc.);
  • the mention of the most liked places in the author’s work (explain why you liked, always justify your feelings).